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Private Chefs of St. Croix

Chef Adams & Julie (Jules) Hayne of Over the Edge Private Chef Services on St Croix are excited to share their passion and mutually high expectations of food creativity, excellence, attention to detail, professionalism, superior service & quality with you. Chef Adams is a graduate of Johnson & Wales, Charleston SC, and has spent the last 20 years inventing & evolving. With every experience every time, he strives to create the best bite of food imaginable via a menu tailored just for you. Jules is WSET-1 & 2 certified, and looks forward to partnering to bring you unique wine & cocktail pairings worthy of your time and attention.

Services include Private Luxury Chef Services in Home or on Your Private Boat Charter, Caribbean-Inspired Unique Breakfasts, Cooking Courses, Gourmet Provisioning & Drop Off Services, Catering for Special Events, Wine & Tapas Pairings & the St Croix Supper Club. If you have a special request, please let us know and we will do the best we can to accommodate!
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Hello world! My name is Ashley! I am a Private Chef and a yaadie living in St. Croix (a Jamaican living in St. Croix USVI). From one beautiful island to another. I love life and food. My style of cooking is fresh from the soul, meaning always using fresh ingredients to produce my dishes and cooking with lots of love. I have over 10 years of professional cooking experience and I am also a very capable baker, who runs a part time home-based bakery business. When I cook from my soul, that is when I hit my goal. I love to be told my food is amazing as this confirms that I am not just creating.
Food brings out my creativity when I get into the nitty gritty.

Fresh ingredients are what I prefer to work with.
They bring more flavor into the dish and fulfills every foodie’s wish.
I will present to you a masterpiece on a plate; a full belly will surely be your fate.

Do not take my word for it as I tell you how great my food is, the best thing to do will be to try it and eat every bit.
I cook because I have a love affair with food and fire.

I am a Chef whose talent is up for hire. I cook because it pleases me .
I cook because it allows me to BE!

Vacationing in the Virgin Islands is like no other and as such you should enjoy sand and sea with no worries about what to eat. Let me create a culinary experience you will not forget.

Yaadie In St. Croix Private Chef Services


Hi!  Welcome to the beautiful island of St Croix!

We are Ian and Angela operating Boardwalk Grab N Go Catering. Our name was created from the idea of getting great food to hungry vacationers as quickly as possible. Since then, we have expanded our expertise of pleasing the guests of St Croix with amazing and memorable dining experiences.
For example, if you want easy to heat, prepared breakfast, it’s all yours. Suppose you’d like sandwiches ready to take to the beach?  Those will be ready as well. Do you need groceries before you arrive?  Also done.
That’s only the beginning.
We want to please you. Would you like a romantic dinner for two?  Would you like a 50th wedding anniversary dinner for your parents?  Maybe you want a fantastic pool party to get together with your family?
That is what we love to do!  We want your vacation to be as stress free as possible, so you don’t have to shop, cook, or feel like you have to go out to eat every night.
Ian and Angela, together we have 70 years combined in the food service industry, Ian as the Chef, and Angela as the most awesome server ever, and together make incredible experiences for families like your, who become families to us forever.
We are caterers… we cater to your needs and desires. When you contact us, we will work with you, designing a schedule, a menu, and cost so that you will be confident when you arrive. Everything will be as promised.

Please contact us for pricing and availability


We believe that food is an integral part of our lives and life’s celebrations. Whether it’s dinner with family for no other reason than to enjoy being together or it’s a meal relished in celebration of one of life’s special moments our goal is to enhance those experiences with meals that are as memorable as those moments. We pride ourselves in creating custom dining experiences that exceed your expectations and create moments of joy through every course.

At The Chef Guys VI we’re not just one individual chef but rather a team of Chefs and culinary professionals working together as a team to give our guests an unparalleled and unforgettable personalized 5 star dining experience.

For your next dinner party, special occasion, or celebration, let us take care of everything while you relax and enjoy time with friends and family! Contact us for in-home private dining or luxury catering for groups big or small. Option to add wine, beer, or cocktail pairing. Or dine with us at our Frederiksted pop-up restaurant “7 Strand STX”.

The Chef Guys VI – “We’ll cook for you! We even do the dishes too.”